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If you are looking for a unique place to go for lunch or dinner, Lady Madonna Restaurant is the place to go. Stepping into the restaurant, one can not help but notice the beautiful mural (designed by Dianne Hoppman) that takes up the whole right wall, and the rustic decor that helps add warmth to the room.

Our Resto.

Serving Authentic Dishes Variety since 1995

Lady Madonna is truly a culinary experience, offering a small wine list but reasonably priced, covering a cornucopia of different appellations.

Lady Madonna Restaurant does a wonderful job of appealing to all the senses with from the beautiful decor, to the delicious menu offered, anyone dining here will have had a true taste of the French Mediterranean.

THERE IS AN ART to making complex food concoctions seem as though they were easy as pie to create. It’s a talent that takes a lifetime of experience to develop, and Lennie Zieme, executive chef of Lady Madonna Restaurant, has mastered it. So when a customer recently asked him, How do you make this incredible soup?” Zieme’s response had little to do with specific ingredients or a recipe. “Well, first you start by working as a chef for more than 35 years.

About Our Chef

The Best of dining with none of the pretentiousness

Johnnie Kerluke, the bilingual owner of Lady Madonna Restaurant, is a native of Canada’s East coast. Having lived and traveled throughout Canada and Europe, Johnnie  settled in Texas and has worked here for fifteen years. After ten years, he comes to Lady Madonna Restaurant with a love of French cooking and a “penchant for perfection.”

His passion for pairing fine wines with unequaled fine foods and the enjoyment he gets from meeting people, ensures that restaurant ownership is the ideal life for him – and that dining at Lady Madonna is the ideal experince for “food lovers.”

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Our Philosophy

We have a simple philosophy. The food is the most important thing. Many competitors play pricing games but we believe you get what you paid for and that cheap food is cheap food. We have always been a stubborn who believes there is only one way to prepare food and that is our way. Since the introduction of the buffett, we have always insisted that the food be fresh and always fill the buffett even when close to closing.

Our Policy

Our restaurent will change any item upon request or at his frequent trips to check the buffett. We believe that good food is hot food and fresh. Serving good food brings in customers and keeps the restaurant full. We believe that even when business is slow we should not cheat the customers. Our ideas are good for customers but not always good for making lots of money. This is what seperates him from other restaurant chefs.

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Our Chef hand-craft the perfect menu with select offerings that are customized to the seasons and your specific needs.


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We are always in the look out for Chef. If you have got the skill, we would like you to be part of our family. Rest assured, we will give your deserved credit.